DAIL PREN (Tree Leaves) In 1958 Waldo was given an Arts Council award in recognition of the excellence of Dail Pren. He immediately gave the £100 to UNESCO to be spent on furthering children’s education across the world… [more]

Most of the books that have been written on Waldo’s life and poetry are in Welsh but as his stature and importance grow, the number of English language publications dedicated to his life and poetry will no doubt multiply. In the meantime these are the books presently available:

    • Waldo Williams: James Nicholas, University of Wales Press (1975).
    • Waldo Williams, The Peacemakers: Selected Poems: Translated by Tony Conran, Gomer Press (1997).
    • The Story of Waldo Williams, Poet of Peace: Alan Llwyd, Barddas Publications (2010).
    • The Waldo Tour, Waldo Williams 1904 – 1971, (Leaflet), Damian Walford Davies, Cymdeithas Waldo (2013)
    • The Old Farmhouse, D J Williams, trans, Waldo Williams, George G Harrap & Co Ltd, 1961.
    • Waldo Williams, The Peacemakers: parallel translations by Tony Conran (Y Lolfa) 2023

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