The Society

Honorary Presidents:

  • Eirwyn George
  • Dr. Mererid Hopwood
  • Emyr Llewelyn
  • Alun Ifans
  • Dr Rowan Williams

Cymdeithas Waldo Society was established in 2010 with the following aims:

  • Sustain the memory of the life and work of Waldo Williams who is regarded as one of Wales’ most influential poets and a bard of international significance.

    Waldo Williams
  • Promote Waldo Williams’ contribution to the literature and culture of Wales through interpretation and a deeper understanding of his work.
  • Appreciate and promote Waldo Williams’ contribution to pacificism.

The executive committee meets regularly to discuss various projects that are compatible with the chosen aims.

A decision has been made to hold an annual lecture on or around Waldo’s birthday – September 30.

The committee is aware of Waldo’s convictions as a pacifist and Quaker and is keen to draw attention to these facets of his personality without forgetting his passion for cycling.

On-going projects will be featured on this website.

The inaugural annual meeting of Cymdeithas Waldo Society was held on January 23, 2011 at Bethel Vestry, Mynachlog-ddu, Pembrokeshire.

A constitution was adopted and the inaugural officers were appointed:

    • Chairman  –  Cerwyn Davies
    • Vice-chairman – Rachel Phillips James
    • Treasurer – Hefin Parri-Roberts
    • Secretaries – Wyn Owens and Anna Williams
    • Press Officer – Hefin Wyn

If keen to organise an excursion around places associated with Waldo Williams in Pembrokeshire, please contact Hefin Wyn 01437 532236

The late Professor Emeritus R. M. (Bobi) Jones and former Archdruid Jâms Niclas along with Sister Nora Bosco Costigan were also Honorary Presidents.

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