Recent Events

A sea of light

Several events were held to celebrate the centenary of Waldo Williams’ birth in 2004. Among them were lectures, concerts, exhibitions and an open-air presentation around Carreg Waldo. Some of those who delivered lectures and shared their reminiscences were James Nicholas, Emyr Llewelyn, Dic Jones, Dewi Thomas, Vernon Beynon and David Williams. An exhibition was held at the County Library, Haverfordwest, of work by artists invited to contribute an item inspired by Waldo’s poems. In July the intention was to stage an open-air presentation Môr o Oleuni (A Sea of Light) around Carreg Waldo,...

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Waldo’s Memorial Stone

For many years Carreg Waldo was a mystery to visitors who knew nothing about Waldo Williams. Often the story is told of Scandinavian visitors trying to decipher the significance of the memorial stone. As the information was so sparse – and on seeing the mountain ponies in the vicinity – they concluded it must be there in memory of a notable stallion – a 67 year old stallion!

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